This commercial-grade water slide by JumpOrange is made of heavy-duty puncture and flame resistant lead-free premium 15-ounce commercial grade PVC vinyl. We only select the finest material translates to an incredibly long use-life inflatable products. Up to quadruple reinforced for added strength and durability to prevent seams ripping. With an eyes for details and innovative craftsmanship, we reinforced the high stress areas throughout the unit which makes our products of highest tear strength in inflatable industry. All of our wet or dry commercial grade inflatable products, the seams on the slide and pool area are sealed by heated sealing machine to minimize the water leaking into the unit through seams.

JumpOrange exclusive wet or dry slide surely brings excitement to the party, convert to a wet slide or water slide by simply connecting any garden hose to the internal water bladder system. Endless fun with an optional dart board game for children to play on the side of slide while they are not sliding. It features an overhead netting, preventing jumping from top to protect kids on the way down securely. This 18-foot tall water slide can be attached to 28 foot long Slip N Slide for extra splashing fun. Detachable Slip N Slide with pool is an optional.

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of heavy-duty puncture and flame resistant lead-free 15-ounce commercial grade PVC vinyl material
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP: Double to quadruple stitches, webbing strips reinforced for added strength and durability on high stress areas
  • WATER LEAKING CONTROL: Heat-sealing the seams through out the slide areas to minimize water leaking
  • SAFETY: Overhead netting fully enclosed and visible warning signs to reduce the risk of injury.  Scan safety video code on warning sign to watch prior operating.
  • MARKETING MATERIAL: Get access to our professional lifestyle photos and video of products. Make the product sells itself.
  • INCLUDES: Slide inflatable, Blower, Landing Pad, Water Hose, Internal Water Bladder System, Business Card Holder, PVC Storage Bag, Stakes, Repair Kit, Manual Booklet and Online Operation Video.
  • SIZE: Inflated Dimension of 36’L x 11’W x 18’H
  • CAPACITY: Recommended maximum occupancy of 2
  • RECOMMENDED AGE: 6 years +
Model Number  JC-WS18d
Dimension  36’L x 11’W x 18’H
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