Once upon a time, there was a mermaid named Mia who had a beautiful sparkling emerald green tail. This 18′ Mermaid Glittery TITAN Plus (6 in 1 ) Dual Lane Combo is the newest addition supreme water slides collection. Mermaid tails and scales are made of commercial grade 3-D effect sparkling vinyl. The beautiful mermaid theme and purple marble will definitely be the most catching unit of your rental collection. The water slides features an overhead netting to prevent kids from jumping from the top of the slide. It also features a curved turn at the bottom part of the slide to give the kids some extra fun. The inflatable pool at the end provides cushion when used dry and makes the unit easy to handle without too many attachments. Riders of the slides climb up from the left side and slide down on the two lanes on the right from the right side. When reaching to the bottom, riders would make a turn and slide to the inflatable pool. The slide is also available in tropical color marble.

  • Mermaid Theme Color: Purple Marble, Blue Marble, 3-D Effect Sparkling Mermaid Tail and Scales
  • Entirely Manufactured Lead Free 15 oz. Commercial PVC Vinyl
  • Basketball Hoop Included
  • Slide With Replaceable Surfaces
  • Obstacle Poles
  • Tunnel
  • Climbing Platform
  • Entrance Ramp w/Safety Snap Shout Door
  • Heavy Duty Netting Fully Encloses Play Area
  • Business Card Holder
  • Dimension L*W*H (ft.) : 40′ X 14′ X 18′
  • Banner Attachment: 10’2″ Wide x 5′ High
  • Max Players: 6
  • Max Gross Weight: 800 lbs
  • Product Approx. Weight: 360 lbs
Model JC-CSD40M
Weight 360 lbs

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