Which Inflatable Shipping Option is Best for You?

            Inflatable shipping is an often-unsung part of running a party rental business. A lot of factors go into delivering inflatables to where they need to go. To help you decide, we’ve listed some common methods for shipping inflatables, as well as when to use them.

Terminal Shipping         

   Terminal shipping is one of the most used methods for shipping inflatables. For this method, the shipping truck drops off its goods at a terminal for customers to pick up. Generally, this method offers the fastest shipping times as it is much quicker for trucks to unload their cargo at a facility prepared to handle them,  

Residential Shipping

Residential shipping is another great option to consider. For this method, the shipping truck delivers the inflatables directly to the customer’s home by setting up an appointment with the customer. This is a great option for customers who want their inflatables dropped right at their door.

           Will Call Inflatable Pickup

Finally, will call inflatable pickup at our warehouse offers a different alternative for receiving inflatables. Call ahead with our office and they’ll have your order ready to go when you arrive. If you are within range of our warehouse, you can eliminate the middleman and handle shipping yourself!

JEM Club Shipping

Active JEM Club members get access to all these options! All orders with commercial inflatables are eligible for free terminal shipping, and orders with 3+ units are eligible for an upgrade for free residential delivery. Upon joining, JEM Club members enjoy these benefits for a full year. As a result, members save hundreds of dollars in shipping fees in the process!

Each of these inflatable shipping methods has one goal in mind: getting your inflatables in your hands as soon as possible. Which shipping method do you find the most useful? Let us know in the comments!

Commercial Inflatables Vs Residential Inflatables

The difference between residential and commercial inflatables is a question new party rental business owners often ask. Residential inflatables are sold in retail stores such as Walmart and Target. Commercial inflatables are sold by manufacturers and distributors such as JumpOrange. It is easy to miss the differences between these inflatables. Here are a few reasons why party rental businesses prefer commercial inflatables.

Commercial inflatables are designed to handle heavier use. Companies such as JumpOrange use lead-free commercial grade PVC vinyl that is fire and puncture-resistant for their inflatables. This material is also easy to clean as it is more resistant to mold and mildew. As a result, this vinyl is 5 times stronger than the nylon material that residential inflatables use. This also means that residential inflatables have shorter lifespans with their lower resistance to mold, mildew, and repeated use. With proper care and maintenance, JumpOrange inflatables can last over seven years. 

The extra parts and accessories for both inflatables come with slight differences. For instance, commercial inflatables use replaceable linings on high traffic areas such as the slide, stairs, and pool, which extends the lifespan of the inflatable. They also include metal stakes, powerful air blowers, and tarp. Compare this to residential units that offer no replacement linings and have a shorter lifespan as a result. They also tend to use plastic stakes, weaker air blowers, and no tarp. 

Last but not least is the difference in product warranty length. Commercial inflatables have a longer lifespan, and thus include a longer warranty. For example, JumpOrange’s warranty covers up to 18 months on water-based features and 3 years on dry units. Most residential inflatable warranties only cover up to 6 months. Superior warranty policy grants party rental companies peace of mind. 

When it comes to choosing inflatables to start a party rental business, only the best will do. Choose JumpOrange inflatables and they will provide significant ROI for years to come! Check our full collection here!

3 Reasons Why 15 oz Vinyl is Better

When it comes to commercial inflatables such as bounce houses and water slides, using the best vinyl material is a must. Party rental businesses most commonly rely on 18 oz and 15 oz vinyl, with the weight referring to the vinyl weight per square yard. JumpOrange uses 15 oz vinyl for its commercial inflatables. Here are a few reasons why our 15 oz vinyl is equipped to help your business.

Inflatables with 15 oz. vinyl will weigh roughly 20% less than ones than 18 oz. vinyl. This lighter weight means reduced shipping and labor costs. These lower costs in turn carry over as savings for your business when purchasing inflatables. This lighter weight also makes it possible for JumpOrange to use more creative designs for our inflatables.

Our 15 oz vinyl may be lighter, but it is no less durable. Our vinyl has undergone NFPA 701 test methods for flame resistance. Thanks to our practice of reinforcing our inflatables’ high-stress points with extra stitching and heat sealing, this vinyl has proven to be tear and puncture-resistant. To top it all off, our inflatables are also backed by our warranty, good for up to 3 years on dry units and 1.5 years on wet units.

The lighter weight of 15 oz. vinyl lends itself to easier inflatable care and maintenance. This is evident in its ease of setup and teardown, as being lighter makes for an easier time in inflating and rolling up. At the same time, our material is mold and mildew-resistant, so proper maintenance will allow it to last for a long time.

More and more party rental businesses are discovering the benefits of 15 oz. vinyl for their inflatables. Thanks to the work JumpOrange has put in, our 15 oz vinyl will not reduce your inflatables’ durability, but it will save you time and money. Check out our full collection of commercial inflatables with 15 oz vinyl at our online store!

Preseason Party Rental Business Essentials

Another busy season is fast approaching, and your business must have everything it needs to succeed during this critical time. Fortunately, several tools and resources are available to help you do just that. Here are a few essential tools sure to help your party rental business this season.

JEM Club is one of the best investments you can make for your party rental business. Members get a variety of perks that will save them money and grow their business. Members get free terminal shipping with a free upgrade to residential delivery on all orders with three or more units. In addition, they save 15% off all inflatable units and save even more during JEM Club exclusive sales that happen throughout the year. JEM Club is active for a full year the moment it is purchased, so take full advantage of what it offers!

Looking to purchase an inflatable but lack available funds? Faastrak is ready to help. If you possess good credit, it’s easy to apply for financing and make a game plan to pay off your inflatable. Simply provide the necessary information upon signing up. This flexibility will allow you to conserve your current funds for immediate business needs while still being able to add to your inflatable inventory in time for the season!

Recent incidents involving inflatables are a reminder about the importance of safety in the industry, so ensure your business has the insurance it needs entering the season. General liability insurance is a great starting point, as it will cover property damage and injuries that may result from guests using your inflatables. TRUiC has found the average yearly cost for general liability coverage in the party rental industry to be $500-1,100. Depending on the size and other services offered by your company, you may also need other types of insurance such as Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

With these resources available, your business will be equipped to handle the obstacles it faces this season. What other ways does your business prepare for the season? Let us know!

Marketing Trends for the Party Rental Industry in 2022

Marketing your business is a constantly evolving task, and being in the party rental industry is no exception. Continuing to develop your marketing practices will not only help you retain your existing customers, but also reach new ones. Here are a few marketing trends your business should implement for 2022.

Video Content is a MUST

As an ideal channel for storytelling, video marketing has grown in importance during the pandemic. The rapid growth of TikTok is the most well-known example, but Instagram and Youtube have also developed short form channels in response. Even if Tiktok doesn’t fit in your marketing strategy, you can utilize video in several creative ways. Consider using video for product demos, how-to’s, and live videos on Facebook and Instagram. Just make sure you’re using it somewhere: a survey by Wyzeowl found that 68% of consumers would prefer to learn about a product or service through short video.

The great part about video is that it only requires a smartphone and your time to get started. Several video editing tools are also available to help with video editing and publishing. It might be intimidating to start but investing in video will pay off for your business!

Social Media Paid Ads

If your business has a social media presence, you may have noticed recent challenges in ensuring your messages are getting to the right audience due to algorithm changes. You’re not alone either: a survey from Hootsuite shows that 43% consider “the decline or organic reach and the need to increase paid advertising budgets” as their biggest challenge for using social media for their business. Consider investing in paid social media to ensure that more of your messaging gets through to your clients by starting with a small paid budget. You can allocate to boost your most important content or use some of your budget for paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have no experience with paid ads on social media, Facebook Ads Manager is a good place to start. Here you can create campaigns with specific goals, such as brand awareness, lead generation, and customer retention. It also provides an easy way to build audiences, control daily spend, and analyze your campaign results.

Hey Google! & Alexa IS HUGE

If you have ever spoken into your phone asking for nearby shops and restaurants, you’ve engaged in local voice search. Voice search has grown thanks to its availability in smartphones as well as home smart speaker systems offered by Apple, Google and Amazon. According to BrightLocal, 76% of smart speaker owners have used local voice search weekly, and 46% of owners use voice search for information on local businesses daily. This is especially important for party rental companies that tend to serve specific towns and cities. Claiming your page listings on places such as Apple Maps, Google My Business, and Yelp will help search engines track your business and display it to customers searching for it.

Are there any other marketing tactics that have served you well or are planning to implement this year? Let us know!

2021 in Review

After a year of uncertainty, it was nice to have some things go back to normal in 2021. In fact, the majority of our clients reported business coming back stronger than ever, and most of them are expecting even greater things in 2022. We had plenty of milestones to celebrate this past year as well. Here are three of the biggest highlights this past year at JumpOrange.

All-New XLD Series

Entering this season, JumpOrange introduced its newest inflatable line, the XLD Series! This series has all the quality expected of JumpOrange, with new additions such as exclusive vinyl colors and the much-requested detachable pool feature. The first inflatables under this set, the Cali Palms and Dolphins 15 and 19 ft slides, sold out almost immediately and have proven to be top rental choices!

In November we unveiled even more inflatables under the XLD collection! These inflatables included the Galaxy, I’mperfectly, Mysterious Jungle, Oasis, and Queen collections. With this new variety of unique themes and designs available, our clients will be able to maximize their rental opportunities like never before! You can expect more inflatables under this series in the near future!

A New Website

This year we also launched a new and improved website. In addition to being better at taking preorders, this new website also improves user experience by unlocking more features for user accounts. Your patience and consideration during this transition has been greatly appreciated, and we hope you enjoy using this upgraded website for this upcoming season and beyond!

Of course, part of the need for a new website came from the return of JEM Day. Bringing back last year’s sales event meant many JEM Club members were able to save big on their favorite inflatables. Expect similar levels of deals when JEM Day rolls around again, so be sure to be signed up for JEM Club when it returns!

IAAPA 2021

The IAAPA 2021 Expo happened a month ago, but we’re still buzzing about it. After a year that it was cancelled, it was great to be back on the convention floor and meet old and new friends alike. Whether it was taking time to chat at our booths during the convention or catching up at outside events, it was great to see so many familiar faces again! Hearing so many of your success stories was a great reminder on who we serve.

For all the challenges 2021 brought, it also brought numerous successes for both us and our clients. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for all of us, and we hope you will join us again next year!

Gift Guide For Party Rental Company Owners

Owning a company in the party rental industry is tough. In the midst of serving others this holiday season as well as minding the usual demands of running a business, it can be easy for business owners to overlook what holiday gifts they’d like for themselves. Here are some gift ideas for the party rental business owner.


Simple Green Vinyl Cleaner


Company Needs

A party rental company will always need certain items, especially for their inflatables. Vinyl cleaner such as that provided by Simple Green is a great choice for any party rental company, as having this specialized solution will be a big help in cleaning larger inflatables. Similarly, disinfectant is always handy to clean surface areas with high touch volume. Other practical gift ideas include extra tarp, stakes, and face masks to help keep the company well stocked.

Reading Material

Small business owners are looking for ways to get ahead, and this is especially true in the competitive party rental industry. Well-researched books on the subject provide great insider knowledge to help with this. Two well-recommended books are Party Rental Business Playbook and How To Start Your Own Bounce House Business U.S.A.: From Part Time To Full Time In No Time. These books have plenty of tips and tricks sure to help both new entrants and seasoned pros.

Food and Drink

Treats are always welcome, and can be given based on the owner’s preferences. Perhaps one owner enjoys premium roast coffees, which would pair wonderfully with a personalized coffee mug. Another might prefer wine bundled with a specialty bottle opener. Specialty food always makes for great gifts, and there are plenty of options available such as chocolate boxes, dessert kits, and meal prep sets that are all customizable and sure to meet anyone’s tastes!

Whether it’s tailored to their industry or a more general treat, plenty of great gift ideas are out there that party rental business owners will love.

Inventory Restocks

A variety of slide designs available at JumpOrange

We know that summer is typically the busiest season for our clients. This increase in demand often means it’s harder to find the right inflatables needed to boost business, if any inflatables are available to be sold in the first place! That’s why JumpOrange has added a number of inventory restocks to meet your needs. 

We’re bringing back both classic favorites and recent designs from the JumpOrange collection. Our selection of inflatable slides, bounce houses, and combos will have something to meet your business needs. You can preorder on our website to secure the inflatable you need, or make arrangements with one of our sales reps. Just be sure to act quickly, as these items have limited stock and will likely sell out quickly!

We will have projected dates for when these items will arrive in our warehouse. However, dates are subject to change due to delayed shipments. Our website has the most up-to-date information on any changes to these dates to keep you informed on the status of the units. We then ship your Inflatables as soon as possible. That way, your inflatables can get to work for your business sooner. 

The JEM Club Membership program is the best value when it comes to building your business this season. For an annual fee of $595, members enjoy several different benefits, including exclusive discounts, free terminal shipping, and free residential shipping on orders with 3 or more units. All the money saved from these perks can go toward investing in your party rental business.

We believe that our clients’ greatest successes are our own. This means we want to put them in the best position to succeed. Consistent Inventory restocks are just one way we work towards that. Let our team at JumpOrange set your business up for continued success!

Top Inflatable Slides This Summer

It’s not easy finding the perfect slide for your inflatable business. Fortunately, JumpOrange has a variety of slides to fit all sorts of themes and occasions. Featured below are five slides that been proven successes for our clients!

19 Ft Dolphin Slide (Limited Stock) ORDER NOW

The 19 Ft Dolphin is one of the newest slides at JumpOrange! As part of the new XLD series, it features exclusive vinyl colors and a detachable pool. Users can climb the crest of the crashing wave and descend alongside a pod of dolphins. See for yourself why this slide has swiftly become a renter’s favorite!

19 Ft Flame Slide ORDER NOW

It’s easy to see what makes the 19 Ft Flame Slide such a hot commodity! It’s bold, fiery design has proven to be a favorite among party rental companies. Order one today and it’ll turn up the heat at your next event!

19 Ft American Boxing Slide ORDER NOW

The 19 Ft American Boxing Slide is a clear contender for Most Patriotic design! The classic red-white-and blue color scheme and boxing glove give this slide serious punch. Grab one of these and watch it deliver a knockout experience at your next party or event!

19 Ft Thunder Slide ORDER NOW

The 19 Ft Thunder Slide is a booming good time! It’s made from heavy duty puncture and flame resistant lead-free 15-ounce commercial grade PVC vinyl material, while webbing and stitches add strength to the inflatable. This slide is sure to provide thunderous fun at your next event!

19 Ft Dark Night Slide ORDER NOW

Formerly an ERS exclusive, the 10 Ft Dark Night Slide has quickly proven to be a rental favorite. Its sleek and stylish design is eye-catching, while premium heat sealing gives it extra durability to stand up to repeated use. Order one today and get this slide ready to go for summer!