Inventory Restocks

A variety of slide designs available at JumpOrange

We know that summer is typically the busiest season for our clients. This increase in demand often means it’s harder to find the right inflatables needed to boost business, if any inflatables are available to be sold in the first place! That’s why JumpOrange has added a number of inventory restocks to meet your needs. 

We’re bringing back both classic favorites and recent designs from the JumpOrange collection. Our selection of inflatable slides, bounce houses, and combos will have something to meet your business needs. You can preorder on our website to secure the inflatable you need, or make arrangements with one of our sales reps. Just be sure to act quickly, as these items have limited stock and will likely sell out quickly!

We will have projected dates for when these items will arrive in our warehouse. However, dates are subject to change due to delayed shipments. Our website has the most up-to-date information on any changes to these dates to keep you informed on the status of the units. We then ship your Inflatables as soon as possible. That way, your inflatables can get to work for your business sooner. 

The JEM Club Membership program is the best value when it comes to building your business this season. For an annual fee of $595, members enjoy several different benefits, including exclusive discounts, free terminal shipping, and free residential shipping on orders with 3 or more units. All the money saved from these perks can go toward investing in your party rental business.

We believe that our clients’ greatest successes are our own. This means we want to put them in the best position to succeed. Consistent Inventory restocks are just one way we work towards that. Let our team at JumpOrange set your business up for continued success!

Top Inflatable Slides This Summer

It’s not easy finding the perfect slide for your inflatable business. Fortunately, JumpOrange has a variety of slides to fit all sorts of themes and occasions. Featured below are five slides that been proven successes for our clients!

19 Ft Dolphin Slide (Limited Stock) ORDER NOW

The 19 Ft Dolphin is one of the newest slides at JumpOrange! As part of the new XLD series, it features exclusive vinyl colors and a detachable pool. Users can climb the crest of the crashing wave and descend alongside a pod of dolphins. See for yourself why this slide has swiftly become a renter’s favorite!

19 Ft Flame Slide ORDER NOW

It’s easy to see what makes the 19 Ft Flame Slide such a hot commodity! It’s bold, fiery design has proven to be a favorite among party rental companies. Order one today and it’ll turn up the heat at your next event!

19 Ft American Boxing Slide ORDER NOW

The 19 Ft American Boxing Slide is a clear contender for Most Patriotic design! The classic red-white-and blue color scheme and boxing glove give this slide serious punch. Grab one of these and watch it deliver a knockout experience at your next party or event!

19 Ft Thunder Slide ORDER NOW

The 19 Ft Thunder Slide is a booming good time! It’s made from heavy duty puncture and flame resistant lead-free 15-ounce commercial grade PVC vinyl material, while webbing and stitches add strength to the inflatable. This slide is sure to provide thunderous fun at your next event!

19 Ft Dark Night Slide ORDER NOW

Formerly an ERS exclusive, the 10 Ft Dark Night Slide has quickly proven to be a rental favorite. Its sleek and stylish design is eye-catching, while premium heat sealing gives it extra durability to stand up to repeated use. Order one today and get this slide ready to go for summer!